One Day Closer

2024 Recap - One Day Closer

This annual event geared towards fostering interest in cancer care and research among students, took place on March 16. Over 120 students and their chaperones, alongside 60 dedicated volunteers were in attendance. It was an enriching day filled with educational activities and inspiring insights.


Attendees had the opportunity to engage in various hands-on experiences, including tours of the DiFeo and Moon labs, a micropipetting activity, and shared resources tours of the Central Biorepository and Materials Characterization facilities. A karyotyping activity provided a glimpse into the world of genetics, while an undergraduate panel featuring trainees from U-M’s Biomedical Engineering program shared their perspectives on pursuing a career in the field. Another highlight of the event was a radiology cancer screening activity, which provided practical knowledge and raised awareness about early detection and diagnosis.


The Rogel TrEC team expresses their gratitude for all of the trainee and faculty volunteers who helped plan the activities, and we look forward to next year's event.


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