Pathways Undergraduate Fellowship

Join the Inaugural cohort in Pathways to Careers in Cancer Care & Research Undergraduate Fellowship

The Rogel Cancer Center is internationally recognized for its exceptional cancer research across the continuum from basic sciences to translational and clinical research to cancer control and population science.

The pathways fellowship program includes seminars aimed at learning about cancer and different career pathways in cancer care and research. Our goal is to ensure that the next generation of cancer care providers, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status, can gain exposure to what it is like at a Cancer Center Matrix organization, like Rogel Cancer Center. The program will include talks from our physicians, scientists, current trainees, and will culminate with a community project where fellows can apply what they learn in their home town or college community. Fellows will be paid via a stipend of $500 to participate in the virtual program starting June 20 and ending July 1.

*This program will take place virtually with the option to attend an end of program symposium in person.

Who Can Apply?

  • Undergraduate students interested in learning about cancer care and science

  • Will be physically located in the U.S or it's territories at the time of the course

  • Has access to reliable internet service

  • Priority will be given to students from schools that do not have a strong research program

Students who identify with one or more of the following groups are encouraged to apply

  • Have a physical or mental disability

  • Are from an underrepresented educational, cultural, or geographic background that is underrepresented in medicine and science in the United States

  • Are from socially, culturally, or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Are a first generation college student

  • Are a first generation U.S. citizen

  • Have dealt with financial hardship due to family economic circumstances

Applications are now closed.